Wildlife Corridor

As the effects of Anthropogenic Climate Disruption (aka Climate Change) increase in the coming years, nearly all living beings will need to move to cooler locations in order to survive. Oaks and humans will continue to live together, but at higher elevations or higher latitudes. But unlike humans, trees and shrubs cannot just up and move. So we not only propose that wildlife corridors be established to save as much life as possible, we see that they also need humans to plant as many species as possible at elevations and locations matching the requirements expected due to a 9-degree Fahrenheit rise in mean temperature for this area this century.

The image linked to the text below below shows the bigger geographic region and our idea for a wildlife corridor that runs from the valley floor to the existing Yolla Bolly Wilderness. While our graphic states that the biotic communities shown will need to move to the elevation shown by 2100, that is being conservative. Scientists who are not afraid of speaking what they have deduced to be our reality is that we may have a lot less time than that before we see such a temperature increase. Either way, please contact us if you are interested in helping make this corridor or a similar one a reality.

Elder Creek Migration Corridor