Restoration, Who Lives Here

White Sweet Clover

When I first arrived here in 2003, I was really unfamiliar with the plants, being an exotic transplant myself. But I spent a lot of my free time with plant guidebooks in hand as I walked the land getting to know my new community. By 2006, I was starting to notice a tall white clover—or was it a lespedeza?—along the…

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Who Lives Here


One of my favorite encounters most every summer evening as the day turns to night is the awkward scrambling of toads as I walk along the path from our house to the outdoor kitchen. From my perspective, they seem clumsy and completely unskilled at avoiding potentially dangerous larger animals like me. I usually hear them scurrying through the dry grass…

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Food, Sustainability

Feral Food, Medicine & Fiber

We believe that ways of living that will ensure food supplies into the future in our region will be a result of restoration of native plant and animal habitat, keenly observing and shaping the feral pig-oak relationship, and using “invasive”, and feral plants. We love native plants and see them as the foundation of a sustainable future, but non-native plants…

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