Our Perspective on History

We believe that without understanding some basics of the climatic and biological history of a locale, assessing sustainable ways to live in that locale is much more difficult, if not impossible.

“History,” as defined by the civilized, tends to ignore the vast majority of humans’ time on Earth, calling that “pre-history.” We know the distinction isn’t normal, but for us history refers to everything from the past. We find the pieces of modern history from all over the world when the civilized encounter the non-civilized to be some of the most telling stories of all. Substituting the word “unsustainable” for “civilized”—and likewise “sustainable” for “non-civilized”—in the above sentence is a generally accurate description of the collision of two ways of living.

We have found first-hand accounts of that period here in our region and have excerpted some of the most descriptive accounts, and present them by region (Sacramento Valley) and tribe (Nomlaki).