Human Supremacism, Language, Rights of Nature, Sustainability, Transition

Language: “Our”

When you hear someone say “our flag,” “our country” or “our national bird,” the “our” obviously means the USA. How about “our seniors,” “our children” or “our diversity?” The “our” in these phrases depends on context. It could refer to the US, or if you are at a local meeting or hearing–or reading your local paper–it might refer to your…

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Language, part one: ew

We do not believe that cultural appropriation is ever justified, so we will happily remove this text should a person of Wintun heritage lets us know that she/he/they are unhappy with our use of Nomlaki words. We have a Nomlaki acquaintance who has shared generously with us the language of his people. He encouraged us to speak Nomlāqa Qōl to…

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Civilization, Human Supremacism, Language, Rights of Nature, Sustainability

Language: “Resources”

While I sometimes use the term “natural resources” because it is what everyone understands, I’d prefer not to ever use it because the beliefs that created the concept are rooted in exploitation and extraction, which are the foundation of capitalism. Life itself is perceived a commodity for the economically powerful to exploit. Capitalism is about converting life and land (I…

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